Pathways to Success

>Ngoh Lay Hong (Singapore)

Job: Homemaker


I graduated from GLCT in 1984. It’s also the place where I met my husband Quek Kin Chuang.

Currently I am a homemaker while he is working as an education advisor. We have 2 children.

Life in GLCT was wonderful. Not only did I learn to be independent for the first time, at least the housemate and friends in GLCT were very friendly and helpful.

It was the first time I truly understand self-study and how to live with people of different nationality and age. Despite that I had only 9 months of intensive course, I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather of Toronto and visit the outskirt when I went for field trips. I guess the impact of GLCT to most of us was great. It certainly left me with a fond memory and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. After grade 13, I was admitted to the University of Toronto. Thank you.