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Date: Feb. 19, 2019


Re: Absenteeism Consequences

Dear parents

GLCT is committed to excellence and high-quality service and we take pride in ensuring the safety and success for every single student under our care.


We believe that the regular attendance is fundamental for your child’s safety and educational success now and in future. Absenteeism is a highly vexing problem and comes in many forms. Even the ministry is getting very tight on the number of hours each student must complete towards academic performance to gain a credit. To enhance attendance and reduce absenteeism, we are proactive in tracking the attendance and following more than ever. In spite of our well monitored system, some students still tend to stay absent for many unexcused reasons. At GLCT, excused absences typically refer to those that are legally justified due to the illness and such absences are taken into consideration with extreme care and compassion. We do not approve unexcused absences and take the absenteeism very seriously. Not all but some students miss classes on an alarming basis. Some schools actually suspend students who are habitually absent but since our students live away from parents, suspension is not even an option.


Keeping all these restraints in mind, we have decided to start charging student who are chronically absent, $50:00 for every unexcused absent after 3 permitted medical sick days. (we will monitor the sickness of each student with compassion and will adjust the excused days accordingly). If your child is not missing classes for unexcused reasons, then you will not be affected in any way. This step is necessary because we cannot allow students to let your hard-earned money go waste by skipping the classes and subsequently not getting the credits. We are not out there to get your money, therefore, every single dollar collected from this process will be donated to The Princess Margret Cancer Hospital, Toronto.


Dear parents, no student would want their parents to even know about their skipping habits and definitely would not want their parents to pay for their absences. I am positive that by doing so hopefully, a good sense will prevail and attendance will improve. This serious matter cannot be resolved without you all becoming our partners in eradicating this very vexing problem.


We are starting this process from March 1st after fully explaining the process and the consequences of unexcused absences to students.

Thanking for your support in advance. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this matter.


Neena Mukhi