Pathways to Success



Vivian Caroline Huang (Indonesia)

Accepted to University of Singapore


It's been a very great experience for me, I loved being here.


Yize Wang (China)

Accepted to University of Toronto


I loved my school, small but perfect!


Omolola Eveln Ajao (Nigeria)

Accepted to University of Waterloo


Thank you for giving me such excellent education, I want to express my gratitude to all my teachers, staffs who helped me in my learning process.


Adelaida Garcia-Ferrer (Columbia)

Accepted to Paris-Sorbonne University


My experience in Canada has been perfect; the teachers in GLCT are wonderful.


Minh Sang Huynh (Vietnam)

Accepted to University of Toronto


The Great Lakes College of Toronto is an excellent school. The teachers are all great.

Vanesa Sako (Albania)

Accepted to Ryerson University


GLCT is a diversity school, you can learn many different culture from your classmates; you can achieve own dream.

Nargiza Turdieve (U.A.E.)

Accepted to York University


The teachers are amazing, they always give you a hand when you need.