1. If a student is unable to obtain a valid Student Visa from the Canadian Immigration Authority, to enter Canada to study at The Great Lakes College of Toronto, the college will refund the fees payments made EXCEPT the application fee of CDN $200.
  2. If a student withdraws IN processing for Student Visa, or AFTER obtaining a Student Visa, the college will refund none of the fees payments made.
  3. There is NO REFUND of ANY fees ON or AFTER the commencement of the semester.
  4. To request a refund, any student must return ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS issued from The Great Lakes College of Toronto and THE ORIGINAL REJECTION LETTER from the appropriate government authorities, along with A REQUEST IN WRITING for the refund prior to the commencement of the semester stated on the Letter of Acceptance.


  1. When a student is asked by The Great Lakes College of Toronto to withdraw from the college as a result of disciplinary action, no payment refund will be granted.
  2. Students who require additional courses beyond the initial payment (seven or ten course package), or who wish to take additional courses, or upgrade a course are required to pay an additional fee in advance as indicated above. The tuition fee for one additional course/upgrade is CDN$1,950.
  3. If a student drops a course, with the Principal's approval, before the course 'drop date' deadline for the semester, the tuition fee for the course will be credited to a later semester. No tuition fee will be refunded. If a student drops a course after the course drop deadline, the full tuition fee for the course will be charged. A Course Drop Form must be completed by the student and approved by the principal.
  4. The tuition fee for Canadian and foreign students, with landed Canadian immigrant status, are 70% of the tuition fee for Overseas/Visa students. The remaining fees are the same for all students.