School Services

Transcript Request

To request an Ontario Student Transcript (OST), please contact the office directly or complete the request form online

Report Cards

During the course of a semester, the parents of each student will receive a mid-term report and a final report. The mid-term report will include a percentage mark based on the student's work along with teacher comments. At the end of the semester, final examinations are held in each subject. The end of semester report will reflect the final course mark for the semester and will also indicate the total member of credits the student has earned in the semester and the total credits earned to date.

Guidance Counseling

The Guidance Department at GLCT is multi-functional, helping students with their personal growth and intellectual development. The department provides course descriptions, admission requirements, calendars and videos from universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. Students are assisted in making knowledgeable choices with respect to completing applications to enter universities and colleges.

Our guidance counselors, teacher and admission officers are always available to help students with any difficulties they may experience. Students are advised as to those specific courses required for entrance to the university program of their choice. Individual study plans are developed for students, when they first arrive at our college.

After Class Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in supervised school activities such as field trips, school clubs, recreational sports, university visitations and organized travel.

Additional Services

  • Welcome students at the airport
  • Assist students to apply for public transit discount cards
  • Assist student to set up bank accounts, medical insurance claim reimbursement
  • Assist student in preparing applications to universities and colleges
  • Assist student to renew study permit and multiple-entry visas
  • Assist parents obtaining visitor visa documents

  • After Class Activity
  • Airport Pickup
  • Guidance Counseling
  • Additional Service