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Why come to GLCT?

  1. Over 35 years as an international private school offering a university preparatory education.
  2. Established in 1978 in the prestigious area of High Park North, close to downtown Toronto Canada.
  3. Our school is certified and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, our teachers are all qualified and experienced, and our staff has strong contacts with virtually every Canadian University. We also have a well balanced educational environment for international students that focuses on academics, excellence, creativity, and responsibility.
  4. Multicultural Environment: Our students come from 23 different countries.
  5. Flexible Program Entry Dates: 5 Intake per school year, September, November, January, April, and June. Based on the student's visa application status, he or she can choose any one of 5 intakes to come to school.
  6. Excellent academic and career counseling leading to admission to top universities.
  7. "Personalized Education Program" enables students, through their guided study plan, to prepare for and enter the University of their choice by obtaining "A+" academic achievement.
  8. Over 90% of graduates on a year by year basis gain acceptance and entry into the top North American Universities, with the majority receives early offers of admission. Approximately 60% of graduates receive university scholarships.


Personalized Plan

The GLCT's "Personalized Education Program" enables students, through their guided study plan, to prepare for and enter the University of their choice by obtaining "A+" academic achievement. This achievement will be the direct result of hard work, excellent study skills, self-discipline and dedication to be the best that they can be. We recognize the uniqueness of each student and work with them as individuals, with different abilities, backgrounds, and goals. The Personalized Education Program is their passport to success.

student council

Student Council

At the beginning of each semester, students are encouraged to get involved in student government and the organization of extracurricular activities. All students are given the opportunity to join in an election campaign in an effort to become elected as a GLCT student representative. This provides students with an amazing opportunity to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills, through the organization of holiday events, school trips, athletics, and even charity fundraisers. Many North American universities also look at student involvement outside of the classroom when making admission and scholarship decisions. It is our hope that by providing a way for students to engage in planning their school activities, it will make the time they spend at GLCT that much more rewarding.


Field Trips and Holiday Events

The school offers a variety of outings and organized activities throughout the year. We often make trips as an entire school to Canadian attractions such as Niagara Falls, Mt. Saint Louis, The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada's Wonderland and more. We also have a variety of class outings to Toronto landmarks, performances and educational settings to enhance our student's classroom experience. In addition, students can also attend a variety of University Campus tours throughout the year. This provides students with invaluable hand-on learning experiences.



  1. Governor General's Award: This prestige award is rewarded to the top student in the graduating class.
  2. Ontario Scholar's Award: This award is issued by the Ministry of Education and is given to students who have obtained 80 or above average for 6 highest Grade 12 courses.
  3. GLCT President's Scholarship: This scholarship is rewarded to students who have taken more than 3 credits in a semester. The first prize will be given to the student that has obtained an average of 90+, and the second prize will be given to the student that has obtained an average of 80+. 
  4. Class Award: This award is rewarded to the top student in each Grade 12 class.
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